The Orpheus Salient

Avalos: A verdant agri-world that readily accepted the rule of the Imperium and was swiftly charged with the solemn task of providing food to the Crusade. However, for reasons unknown, the world’s tithes did not come as readily as had been planned or anticipated, a problem that has continued to plague Avalos.

Freya: A mining world teeming with indentured laborers, who would swiftly be put to work for the Imperium, supplying the Crusade with vast quantities of unprocessed ores and crude promethium.

Scirae: A wind ravaged Death World, where hurricanes and flesh-stripping dust storms constantly scour the surface of the world, weathering it down to strangely smooth plains of sand and rock, allowing only burrowing and avian creatures to exist.

Sentinal 434: An abandoned Adeptus Mechanicus warp observatory, reclaimed swiftly by exploratory to aid in future advancement through the Reach.

Viyan-sen: A former penal and mining colony, now inhabited by an extremely violent and predatory abhuman breed, which was the subject of a thorough campaign of extermination by the White Consuls after the missionaries who landed there were hunted down and eaten by the natives.

The Orpheus Salient

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